Welcome to the Mk beaches section  

Thank you for visiting this page. MASSkiting was created to inform kiters about where to kite in the area, and to ginve the user as much information as possible to be safe and responsible when practicing the sport.  Please read the information on these beaches before you visit them.  Ask questions in the forum if you have any, and introduce yourself to people you don't know when you get to the beach.  If you kite the beaches of Massachusetts, please do your part to keep our access open to all.  Be responsible and courteous whenever you have a kite in your hands, especially to non-kiters.  Everyone is a representitive of the community, so please don't make everyone else look bad ;)

General Kiteboarding Etiquette / Rules:

- Always read and follow all posted signs at the beach.
- All beginners are strongly suggested to seek professional instruction.
- Beginners must be accompanied by an experienced kiter to launch.
- Seek local knowledge if you have never kited in an area before.
- Assisted launching and landing is recommended.
- Kiters yield right of way to all beach users and water users.
- Do not leave kites unattended on the beach.
- Wind up lines and stack kites when not riding.
- Give extra room to beginners.
- Obey lifeguards and town officials.

When Launching:

- Launch kites only from designated areas.
- Leave the beach in a slow and controlled manner.
- Do not launch kites with people standing downwind of kite or lines.

When on the Water:

- All kiters shall remain outside marker buoys, staying 2 kite lengths away at
all times.
- Starboard tack has the right of way (right hand forward is starboard, left is
- Jumping kiters give up right of way.
- When passing or overtaking another kiter, the downwind rider lowers
their kite.
- The overtaken rider has the right of way.
- Do not come within 200 ft of shore unless launching and landing.
- Kiters leaving the beach have the right of way.
- Always look behind you before you turn or jump.
- Priority is given when riding a wave.
- Do not fly kites over people or restricted areas.

Kiteboarding beaches in Massachusetts: