Crash test with Nick Jacobsen.... open valves?

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Crash test with Nick Jacobsen.... open valves?

As a switchblade rider- I was glad to finally watch a video that my kiteboarding style can relate to. Although I might tell all my “non-kiting” friends that I boosted “like 20 feet at P-Bay” everyone on this forum knows I am more in the “5- 10 foot boost range” with a slight chance of tomahawking and beach front yard sales.

I wonder if Nick and Cabrina left the struts valves open or closed during this “Kite durability test?”

I tried to search and dig up the thread from over the summer that we debated the age old question… is it better the leave the valves between the kites bladder and struts open or closed if tomahawking is anticipated   

Hit him up on Twitter

Hit him up on Twitter

I'm pretty sure they tested

I'm pretty sure they tested with clips closed and manufacturers recommend them to be closed. Why would they even put them on if they recommend not to use them?

Personally- When I learned to

Personally- When I learned to kite my instructor beat three things into my head:

  1. Never kite offshore breeze
  2. Always pinch the struts closed
  3. Get into the water immediately (don’t stand on the beach with your kite in the air)

I’ve only kited once with the valves open b/c I was in a rush to rig. The thought of deliberately leaving the valves open had never even crossed my mind until the topic was debated this summer. I’ll continue to pinch the valves closed b/c I always plan for Murphy’s Law to blindside me and I like the thought of having a raft as one of my backup plans.

I found this video interesting b/c it was the first time I’ve seen a kite manufacture purposely beat the crap out of kite as I did during my first couple years of kiting and still do from time to time.          

I only pinch them off when I

I only pinch them off when I'm going on a downwinder, way far away from land, or kiting in offshore conditions.

So you kite instructor failed to tell you #4... always lick your pump nozzles.  You're welcome.

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The kite raft

With a blown LEI you can self rescue roll the kite into a cannoli (struts inflated) put it under your body parallel and swim it in like a surfboard should you end up with unfavorable wind direction offshore/side off. I can see the struts also helping keep the kite open as a sail with a normal self rescue when the LEI blows. Not sure I have benefitted from either and continue to not pinch struts but now I fear the Murphy’s Law. Its possible to pull your strut hoses and inflate/pinch them in the water with a blown LEI. I always remind people you can blow air in your suit when you need to as well worth a mention. 

One companies blamed me for

One company blamed me for my valves popping. The culprit they said was me by #4 always lick your pump nozzles. Just sayin. Warranty VOID! 

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@Jermy & Johnny … licking the

@Jermy & Johnny … licking the pump nozzle you say? I was unaware of this trade secret and I’ve actually witnessed a fair amount of kiters doing this before. I always thought to myself “wow these people are pretty aggressive when it comes to removing the sand off of the pump nozzle.”  

yup is def a trade secret.

yup is def a trade secret.  it's a shame that some kite companies are getting away from pump adapters. licking the hose without an adapter just does not have the same effect.

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