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Help buying stuff


Hi, i'm looking for buying few things for my gear. Because I'm not familiar with the area and don't know where is the best place for buying kiteboard gear, I will appreciate your offers and suggestions.

I want to buy:

1. Travel bag (1 TT, 2 kites, and general kite accessories)

2. Impact vest or a floating vest (what is better?)

3. Safety knife

4. Spring suit (for warm weather in the Mediterranean Sea), perhaps is it better to buy "Lycra top and bottom"?

I will appreciate any help, and suggestions where is the best place to buy those things.




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Phil at  Inlandsea down the Cape has the best shop around,  everything you need.






Thank you!

Thank you!

More ideas someone?

Phil's shop is pretty much

Phil's shop is pretty much the only place that's currently open.

You can look in teh for sale section for bags... I know some people locally have some and will sell them.

I'd go with impact vest because it offers floatation but more low-profile... but it all depends on what your skill level is and what makes you comfortable. 

A lot of harnesses come with safety knives.  But look up dakine safety knives.  Pretty cheap and can attach to your harness.

The lycra top and bottom is slightly less fashionable than a 3/2 suit.  I guess it depends on how warm it is an how warm the water is. 

Phil should be able to hook you up with all that stuff, if you can't make it down, go to his website. 

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Hello l learn kiteboarding no practice only watch lessons and l don't know what to do buy good things for it now or maybe start to learn kite with not expensive things and don't spend money now.

Maybe someone sell it ! Thank you !