Licensed Kite Trainers in Boston Area

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Licensed Kite Trainers in Boston Area

Come the spring I will have a group of individuals who would like to learn how to kite in this beautiful kiting paradise from an IKO licensed professional.  Does this group have suggestions for individuals who offer lessons and can teach these individuals the highest level of safety procedures?



  I am a licensed IKO instructor.  Check out

  I am a one-man operation and teach near Boston.  There are many other instructors around, and I've listed a few on my "resources" tab.  I would recommend any one of them.  It mostly depends on the circumstances of the students (location; schedule; private vs. group etc.).

617.314.22ThreeTwo if you want to chat.

If it's Barack and Michelle, I can offer a couples rate :)

IKO and PASA in Maine NH and MASS

zebulon says


hey, late to the table, but I am also a level 3 Kiteboarding Instructor and also a Level 3 PASA Instructor.

mostly in maine and NH teaching but can be where ever ..