Obama the kitesurfer

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Obama the kitesurfer
That just made my day!!  I

That just made my day!!  I heard he was on Necker but I wasn't thinking Obama would become a kitesurfer! Maybe I could train to be in teh secret service so I could be Obama's qingman on the water :P

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Oh yes! Best thing I've seen all week

Looks like Obama was on a twin-tip, and Branson was foiling, which is a nice way to equalize things...


This is terrible news for

This is terrible news for kiteboarding! Now everyone will want to do it and our beaches will become over crowded.... ;)

In just 24 hours the "Richard

In just 24 hours the "Richard Vs Barack" YouTube video has 3.2 million views. I am willing to bet that a high percentage of the 3.2m who watched the video hadn't even heard of this little sport "kiting" that we pour every extra dollar into and strategically pair our vacation time, sick days, and prior obligations with some of the worst excuses just to get on the water.

Now I am wondering… what are some of the ridiculous things MASSkiters have done or said to just get on the water for a session? haha


...or Ted, it could help us open up any beach closures.

If he keeps coming to the

If he keeps coming to the Vineyard, he will have plenty of people to kite with.

You guys want to have some fun with this...

Please copy any stories and pics and email them to the Cape Cod National Seashore Superintendent George Price: george_price@nps.gov
Feel free to take the opportunity to remind him what a great no-trace watersport kiting would be for the CCNS if managed appropriately.
I love this pic, that smile says it all. Now that's a man who gets it!

I don't think I have seen him

I don't think I have seen him smile this way while he was still President!