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Visiting kiter from Oslo

Hi fellow kiters,

I'm a Norwegian (experienced) kiter visiting Boston for business. Since I have a couple of extra days in town I brought my kite gear, and I strategically chose a place to stay near Revere Beach. I'm planning on kiting Revere or Nahant the next few days if the wind is good.

A couple of questions:

- The spot guide for Revere says the unofficial kite spot is near Dunkin Donuts. The only Dunkin Donuts I found is at the very south of the beach, does not seem ideal for kiting. There's a place on the middle of the beach with public toalets and showers that looks better. Is the spot guide outdated or did I get something wrong?

- The public showers are not working. Is there a place I can shower and wash off the salt before getting on the plane back home on Sunday?

Anything else I should be aware of?

Hope to see some of you on the ocean the next couple of days. I'm most likely kiting with my 12m red Rebel.




Welcome Haavard

Looks like the wind is Westerly for the next few days, so Revere is probably not your best bet. However, right across the sound is Nahant, which has Dog beach and Long Beach. Dog beach is on the West side and so will be better in these kinds of winds. It is, however, very tidal, so you probably dont want to be there 1.5 hours or so on either side of high tide. If you're totally new to the site, probably safer at 2 hours either side. If I go this weekend, that is likely where I will end up.

Be careful, though. The launch can be a bit gusty.

for that, you *do* park near the dunkin donuts ;) that is just to the south of long beach, or in the DCR parking lot ($6 or something).


Thanks, Dort. Then I'll

Thanks, Dort. Then I'll probably see you at Nahant. I was there two years ago, nice spot. Westerly wind should mean offshore wind and flat water. I'll check out the tide.



Did you score a session?

Did you score a session?