Buzzards Bay Regatta wants to add a kiting class

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Buzzards Bay Regatta wants to add a kiting class

What would be the level of interest in participating in something like this?  We would need to provide racers, a race committee, maybe a boat or two or a ski.

Looks like fun! Any idea what

Looks like fun! Any idea what the format would be?

kite race

I would be interested. I live on Cape and work in Wareham which is town next to thay Yacht Club in Marion. Hopefully we could get a few others to participate and try some organized race training earlier in the summer leading up to regatta (learning the course rules and some pratice sessions).



How do you know they want to

How do you know they want to hold a kiting class?  And if they want us to add this class, why wouldn't they provide the boats?

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I got a call from one of the

I got a call from one of the members of the committee, John Schnauk.  A longtime sailor, he started kiting last summer and he's hooked.  So he mentioned kiting at a meeting and the committee was surprisingly enthusiastic.  So there is a space there to run a kite race, but they know nothing about how that would work, and they are looking to the kite community to help pull it off.  Their available boats may be already too busy with the existing classes.  We kicked around the idea of holding the race at West Island.  We would then go back to New Bedford to participate in the festivities.  I would expect we would break it down to foiling and non-foiling classes.  The purpose of this thread is to assess the level of interest and the capacity of this community to take the lead in organizing this racing event.

Talk to Schuyler on Nantucket

Talk to Schuyler on Nantucket. He's been a help organizing the Nantucket races and the last few I've gone to went great.  He could probably talk you through some options and the resources needed.  They had 3 classes this past year, twin tip, surfboard, foil board.

Count me in for the race!

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Very cool idea.  I used to

Very cool idea.  I used to sail this regatta when I was younger in 420's and I did race committee work years ago.  The mention of west island is definitely worth looking into.  The difference in wind speeds in early August are noticeable throughout Buzzards Bay and are usually the strongest just windward of New Bedford.  The seabreeze also fills in there earlier than it does by Marion.  Another location worth looking into is Fort Rodman in New Bedford.  This is where the 420's and lasers now launch every year, I believe.  As I'm typing this I'm recalling they may have even cut these classes off into another regatta entirely.  All other classes rotate yearly between Marion and Dartmouth (Beverly and New Bedford YC's).  There is no way you'd get a kite out of either of those harbors.  Anyways, securing a location that is safe for launching and getting to a course area in a southwest breeze would be critical.  There may be some landowners who are members of the organizing club that would be willing to open a beach space for use during the regatta.  This used to be the case in Dartmouth for the lasers, they had secured a nice beach since space for launching boats at the yacht club was overrun with 420's.

weekly race night

Something I have always been interested in. Instead of a one off, how about a weekly after work race night in Buzzards Bay with a short race course?  Foiling class would increase likelhood that on any given Thursday (or other week) night in summer would be woindy enough to race. In any case,  I agree that West Isalnd may be the most sensible launch point, both for training and the actual regatta race. Might be the only legit spot in B Bay available to nonresidents for parking/launching. Also quite windy.


Buzzards Bay Regatta

Hey Jean et. al. 

Thanks for the interest - we just got approval to host the event at West Island on Saturday or Sunday (Possible Friday as well) depending on wind.  The Regatta runs 3 days and there will be events at the New Bedford Yacht Club in the late afternoon/evening (Band, Food Trucks, Mt. Gay Rum party, etc.) that we can attend after the race.  Again, depending on wind we have discussed a "Big Air" contest or exhibition as well.  All in the very early stages, but we have approval from the Town of Fairhaven. The New Bedford Yacht Club will be providing support and boats, but would love if there was anyone that wanted to help out.  There will be 800+ Sailors and 200+ boats racing.  Should be quite an event!  We'll keep Posting to this as we progress.  Anyone that would like to help in any way can reach out to me  - john at broadreachstaffing dot com 

Thanks again for the interest! 

John Schnauck



Regatta sounds great. I do question if West Island is a good location however. Kites launching/landing during a summer weekend on a narrow beach that gets jam packed with people and swimmers doesn't sound particulary safe if you planned on using  the sandy northeast facing side. The other spot at the southeastern end has numerous rocks showing and under the water and a little rocky beach that is almost non existent at higher tides. The parking lot on a good day already gets filled to capacity.  Fort Rodman where the 420's and Lasers go has lots of room, grass, facilities and good beach launching areas. Both areas do get the breeze though-

The Lauch area being

The Lauch area being discussed right now is the SW Facing side of the Island which as I understand it is the less populated beach.

The Idea is to keep is simple at first so that we are capable on managing and pulling of a succesful race with an emphasis on participation and fun! I have been in contact with Cabrinha about the event and will be using them as a resource as they have been involved in quite a few races.

this is the beginning of the planning so imput is appreciated.  I am going to get over to west island soon to get a real visual on the area.



I am glad to see so much

I am glad to see so much interest and progress on the planning front.  I think the SW facing beach on West island will work, the race will be well offshore away from the shallow rocks and sunbathers.   A committee boat will be key to help any standed kiters.  I think the beachgoers there will be thrilled to witness this event.  This place has always been very kite friendly even during peak summer season.

Parking and location - Facebook Page for BBR

The town of Fairhaven has given us permission to use the west side of the beach.  The plan is to have folks park in a nearby lot and BBR will provide a shuttle bus to run back and forth between the beach and cars.  Lots of planning still to go.  I'll keep information flowing out here and the comittee will be making the yachtscoring website live for registration and information in the next month.


based on other races I've

based on other races I've been in, you will need a boat at the start/finish, and there should be at least a jetski or boat at any buoy you need to take a turn.  Another chase boat or two makes it much safer.  A lot depends on the actual course.  Minimum 2 boats, one for officials, one for safety.  Will we have any sort of access to inflatable buoys for the course?

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Sounds great!

I would be happy to help and participate! I grew up sailing in BBR every summer in either a 420 or Laser. West Island sounds like a good location as well. My $.02 is to not share courses or launch areas with any other fleets. Some of the fleet sizes can be large and when its as windy as us kiters prefer, it can sometimes be a little chaotic.

Happy to help / provide resources for this event.


I don't imagine Im alone in this...

I have never raced. How are the courses usually laid out? Duration? What level of kiter should try to participate?

I would be happy to help with

I would be happy to help with the actual race if I am able but I may have a wedding that weekend.  I work in New Bedford and am a member at New Bedford Yacht Club so I could help planning with the people here.

As far as buoys, chase boats, etc.  New Bedford and Beverly YC's combine to provide the required race marks, committee boat, chase boats, volunteers etc.  The regatta provides everything required except the individual kite equipment.  People in the race just pay the entry fee which covers the cost of gas, band at the party, parking shuttle, and other requirements for the race to occur.  The support boats are usually owned by club members and the people on them will be volunteering their time to help run races and provide support.  This would be where the kiting community would be helpful as a lot of these volunteers have limited sailboat racing experience, let alone kiting experience.  Often times the people who are most capable of helping are the ones actually sailing.

It sounds like John is in the middle of getting this all sorted out with the race committee but I'm sure they will need people who understand how to rescue a kiter using a motor boat or retrieve released/tangled kites etc.  Now that he has secured West Island, support boats and people who know how to help are probably the biggest requirement for this to occur.  That and a nice southwest breeze.

Thanks for offering to help!

Shoot me a note john at broadreachstaffing dot com and I will email you directly. 

Thanks again for raising your hand! 

John Schnauck

Sounds exciting. Not sure I

Sounds exciting. Not sure I am capable of racing, but want to make sure this goes off well so we can keep doing it and we dont get any black eyes. I have been very involved in the BBR in the past, Event chair, RC Chair, run different race committees, past Commodore of the BYC, etc. I would love to help in any way I can. Someone needs to be the point person with the host club/organizing committee. We (kiters) need to make sure that the RC and the safety boats know how to manage kiters. This is the riskiest part of this as the volunteer corps can get pretty thin some years. Let me know what I can do.

Chip Johns


So you have a small motor

So you have a small motor boat you can captain?

I will proably be racing on

I will proably be racing on another boat, but will check with my team mates. If I am not racing, I can probably help as a safety boat.  


I'm interested in either

I'm interested in either helping in anyway I can or racing or both, it would be very cool to piggyback a kite race on that annual event.


For folks willing to lend a hand....

Please email me directly and we can be in touch to see where folks can help.  john at broadreachstaffing dot com

Thanks to everyone for the support so far.  We're really excited that so many folks are interested already.  I think we'll have a great event if we keep getting folks interested and involved!  We had a great meeting with a board member of the IKA last night for some advice and feel like we're moving in the right direction.  Looking forward to connecting with folks in the coming weeks and we appreciate your willingness to help!

We are in!

"In a nod to the future, we will be hosting kiteboards at this year’s BBR.  They will be launching and sailing out of West Island in Fairhaven, but will very much be a part of the social and shore side activities at the Club following racing each night."

I will be meeting with the board members next week.  I expect to get some marching order from them about what our kite community needs to do to make this new development a success.  I believe this is a viable step toward legitimizing our sport, which could have beneficial impacts on our ability to maintain beach access into the future.  I would like to build a Masskiting kite racing committee in the coming weeks so that we can build this effort into the stellar event we all want it to be.  Please send me an email if you want to be a part of this.

I love the fact that more

I love the fact that more kiters have signed up than keelboaters.  I'm excited to race with y'all!  Register soon before it fills!

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Link to Yachtscoring - Registration site. 

9 Kites registered so far!  Take a look at the SCRATCH SHEET 

Hah!  That's funny.  10

Hah!  That's funny.  10 kiters now... I didn't notice a "surf" class when I signed up, is that new?  I may have to give Robert some competition :P

This link works:

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