Shamrock Splash 2017

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Shamrock Splash 2017

It's getting to be that time of the year again!  

Our great friends at Save the Harbor, Save the Bay and Harpoon are putting on another Shamrock Spash to be help March 5th at the Curley Center in Southie.  This is a fundraiser for the the Better Beaches program, which aims to bring people to the beaches.  Why should you care?  Because these guys get us the permission and the money to put on the International Kiteboarding Film Festival, which we plan on doing for the 3rd year in a row this coming August.  The Masskiting crew has always been well represented, and we have always been able to fundraise the minimum of what we get back for the Film Fest. This year is especially important because the Better Beaches program could face cutbacks this year, so lets help do our part and pay for our own Film Fest!  Your $20 registration goes right to the Mk team numbers, and gets you free beers, free food, and chances to win JetBlue tickets.  It's fun, there's a lot of people and nothing's better than than splashing with all your Mk friends :)

We started a team for MASKITING. Create your own account and select MASSKITING from the list of teams.  Then hit up all your parents, friends and co-workers for a donation... anything small helps and goes a long way!

Event website:

Mk team page:

If any of you cannot make it, please donate!  Feel free to do it through my personal page:


Check out a video of the Splash from the perspective of Jean and Dylan aka the Floating Bar Keepers!!  Is pretty awesome.

Great initiative, thanks for representing!

Hey guys, great initiative to represent for this event. The access that we have to the ocean is priceless, kudos to anyone looking to help mother nature out so, amongst MANY other benefits, we get to play with our kites right in our back yard!

Thanks so much David!  Happy

Thanks so much David!  Happy to represent.  Tom Durant just signed up... who's next????

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This is an amazing

This is an amazing organization.   30 years of their tireless work made our beaches clean again after decades of neglect and horrific pollution.  Pleasure Bay, Revere, Nahant, and Winthrop would not be the stellar kite spots they are today without this type of grassroots citizen advocacy.   Their state funding is now being threatened by the Baker administration.  Please support them as much as you can. Here is what the event is like if you are considering attending:

OK everyone, less than a week

OK everyone, less than a week to go.  We've got 4 people on the team, we need some more help!  Even if you can't come please donate.  Think that your donation goes right to the Film Fest.  I also need a volunteer or two to man the floating bar... Looks like I'll do it this year but still need some help.

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Donations have been coming in

Donations have been coming in, thank you all for the support.  But we could use more help!  Just think how freakin cold it's going to be, and how only a few of us are gonna freeze out nuts off for the community :P

At least it's not on Saturday... brrrr!

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With a heavy heart and fear

With a heavy heart and fear in my bones I can say I am back in for this year!  If we aren't the biggest team this year let's be the loudest and have the most fun.  My goal, first in first out!

Thank you everyone!!  Good Mk

Thank you everyone!!  Good Mk showing of friends and family. Real fun event, dispite the bitter cold.  Too bad they didn't allow dogs this year.
We raised almost $1000 and were the 10th highest fundraising team.  All-in-all over $50k was raised for the Better Beaches Programs.  

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Great representing!

Thanks for the update and a huge shout out to those that attended, thank you for representing! The MK $1000 and the overall $50k mark is pretty impressive.