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2016 Cabrinha FX

Has anyone kited with a Cabrinha FX lately?  I am in the market for a new 12m and I keep seeing these go for real cheap on ikitesurf classifieds...like too cheap so I am wondering if there is something wrong with them.  I was thinking about getting a new 12m RPM to kind of give a reference for the type of kite I am looking for.  Readin reviews, the kite sounds great just not super beginner friendly which I am fine with.  Any thoughts?


I just bought one from Phil

I just picked up an 8m from Phil but have not gotten around to flying it as of yet. the 8m FX is replacing my Chaos 9m. There is lots of good talk about the kite and you can pick the 2016 up for 40% off so I went for it. Time will tell but I am sure they are a fine kite if your into looping and unhooking. Ill repost when I get a chance to fly it. 

Tried one a couple of years back

I tried one a couple of years back right when they were released at a demo event Phil was hosting. I believe it was a 9 or 10 meter. I thought it was a very nice kite for hooked in riding. One thing I might say is that is was a lot more like my Ozone quiver at the time than what I remember of the other Cabrinha kites I have flown ( mostly switchblades).  That is it had a less bar pressure, more of a pop, hard and not gradual pull when you send it, faster turning, less floaty jumps.  It also seemed to power up more on a loop and ride farther down wind than the switchblade.  I do not have very refined tastes and don't do anything unhooked ( on purpose anyway ). I also don't know if they have changed since the initial release.  

I had an FX, nice kite but I

I had an FX, nice kite but I prefer SB for hooked in riding, low and high end , and easy boosting. Top end was good on FX but I found kite to have poor low end. I'm riding EVOs now and love them.

I've tried Kristof's 12m and

I've tried Kristof's 12m and 9m.  I think his are 2015-2016s.  A little slower turning in my opinion... I've seen reviews that it has a short turning radius, that wasn't how I remembered it.  Great jumpers.  A lot of pull on kiteloops. Nick Jacobsen flys it.  I think it's a good all around kite that should feel better than an RPM in most aspects and actually a good kite for beginners.

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I have a 12m FX

I'm selling it because I just moved over to Rebels. It flies similar to the slingshot RPM.  A bit faster than a switchblade with less grunt, easier to loop, jumps well.  Let me know if you're interested and still in the market.  It's still fairly crispy, probably 15 sessions, 20 tops.  No repairs.  Colors are red and blue.

My contact info - 12m FX 2016

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