Cold Weather Wetsuits

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Cold Weather Wetsuits

I know this question has been asked many times so I apologize for redundancy. I'm trying to decide on what to get for a cold weather wetsuit package. I'm reading that a 5/4 won't be warm enough in January and February. Is that true? I could go 6mm or 7mm, but worried I won't be able to move enough in it and that it will be too warm in March and April. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.

I just sold the drysuit in order to buy a cold weather wetsuit. Some people like drysuits... I decided it wasn't for me because whenever I would jump, the harness would slip on the material and the suit would tug on the goods (if you know what I mean). Is there a suit I can get that will work in the coldest months? Would really prefer not to have to buy two new suits in addition to my 3/2mm.

If there is a suit that works for you, I would gladly accept links to purchase too!

What drysuit did you have?

What drysuit did you have?  PyroPro?

I use the Ion drysuit, it's the best one I've used.  It may slip a little, but no more than a wetsuit would.  It's neoprene so it's warm.  Phil usually has them for $500.

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Yeah, love my ION fuse drysuit

For a good wetsuit, I kited in a 6/5/4 (Ripcurl f-bomb) in reasonable comfort all winter. I also surfed in it.

I switched to drysuits not because I was getting really's just that I was always "a little chilly". I think the water that my body warmed up ended up at my feet, and so the top became clammy.

My experience only...I know lots of people who rock a wetsuit all year.

Neoprene Drysuit

A neoprene drysuit should do the trick.