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Has anyone kited in Aruba?   I am thinking of heading down next week but i have never been.

Any thoughts on where to kite, stay, etc?

Thanks for the input!




I went to Fisherman huts. It

I went to Fisherman huts. It's offshore and very gusty due to hotels. Kinda crowded sometimes too. I've heard better things about Boca grande. Small waves and some sharp reef, but it's nice. There's not too much in that corner of aruba and finding accomodation may be a bit harder, but I've seen some places on airbnb near the kite spot.

Overall good, because high wind probability and easy to reach, but not amazing (lifestyle, food, spot variety..). Worth a trip.



great thanks for the input!

great thanks for the input!  if it's worth a trip then maybe i will check it out.  i usually just go to cabaret but wanted a change.


There might be some other good carribean spots to consider

I have been to a few islands to kite and have avoided both of those.  Cabarete cause it's mostly windy in the summer and from what I hear is super crowded and Aruba because I have heard the same things as what Toby said from several people.  If you're still kind of new Turks is a great spot since the water is chest deep 200 yds out at least.  It's pretty expensive though and lacks any good culture.  Grand Cayman is even nicer but same for expense and culture.  Probably best kite beach I have been to in the carribean though for flat water.  Barbados rules but only if you like waves.  St Lucia is also great and has the best culture/island life.  And of course Union is pure paradise but hard as hell to get to.  

I went to Aruba last year.  I

I went to Aruba last year.  I kited 5 days in a row but it was gusty and less than ideal over at the fishermans hut. Boca Grande is great but a long drive. If your going to Aruba bring your gear but i would not pick it as a kiting destination.  2 years Ago I kited Turks.  I am actuly going back next week.  When I was there last, the kiting was great but only windy 3 out of 5 days.   You will almost always have wind in Aruba but the kiting is not great.   The kiting is great in Turks but you will not always have wind.  

Just got back from Turks and

Just got back from Turks and I had no wind.   I got one weak session on Grace bay and that is it. 



I've been there 10 years in a row in December, my wife loves Grace Bay beach and its so easy to get to.  When there is wind Long Bay is perfect for learning but not the most imspiring venue and now that its been discovered the tight launch gets crowded, think OBX soundside without slicks but gorgeous setting and gin clear water.    Waves... Grace Bay reef but pretty far offshore and I would want some kind of support.  Accessible from the beach when the wind goes north but as I said its far offshore for me. There is lots of back country riding if you have a boat or go with one of the excursions for an endless downwinder in flatwater slicks pricey though like everyting on TCI..