Cape Hatteras fall 2016

Last Week I took a vacation down to Cape Hatteras with a group of guys. Unfortunately, the wind was DEAD for the 7 days I was there. I tried to put together a video of the trip though.

Not only is this my first year kiting, but it's also one of my first GoPro video/edit, so go easy on me.


Thanks for watching and enjoy :)

Nice Kite!

Troy I an so glad you got a chance to use the kite.  I am very pleased to see my old kite in action.


I was in Avon from 10/20- 10/30 and got out 8 days 7m - 14 mostly 10. Frisco dw and ramp 25 to 30 and many KP sessions. You must have been there earlier?


I was there from the 15th to the 22nd. the 22nd was blowing good, but had to start the drive home. I did get a down winder on a friends 15m and big board though. that's what most of the video was of.


LOTS of use

I've actually used it ALOT this summer. Revere and Dog beach mostly


Nice video!

Nice Video Troy!  I went to OBX with family and friends back in June.  Stayed in the same house as yours: Kick-n-Back.  Recognized it from your video.  Great spot for kiting!  Loved it!