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    Nantucket is a very interesting and very amazing place to visit and have some great time. There are many australian essays about this place. I had a chance to visit this place while ago. That was full of fun times that I spent there with my friends. Thanks a lot for sharing such an amazing experience of yours with others to develop interest in them as well to visit this place.

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  • SHAMROCK SPLASH is March 11th this year! Come splash with us and (when registering, join the Masskiting team), or just come hang out, or just donate to help our cause! These guys give us a grant every year to hold the International Kiteboarding Film Festival so we like to represent and at least try to raise the amount of money that they grant us. It's a great program, all about getting people TO THE BEACHES in Boston!

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  • Anyone know what’s better in Cabarete to stay at Kite beach area or more towards bozo beach and the town?

  • Anyone interested in a original Airborne Freeskate? $ 75 Cash David in Gloucester 978 790-1536

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  • Hi! I am actually new to Boston (coming from Germany) and I brought my kiteboarding equipment so I am really ready to go on the water! I lived in Munich for a while and surfed on the standing wave there (even in winter with ice and snow) so I am used to not too warm water and weather ;) Would be really nice to meet some of you locals and have some nice sessions. I live in Kenmore area and obviously Pleasure Bay is the spot I am excited the most about but would also be ready for some trips. Unfortunately dont have a car but if you guys do trips I am always up for it! Just hit me up :) Cheers!