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WEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeee!!!! 😛

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What is Masskiting to you?

My friends. My community. I love going to the beach and seeing the same beautiful faces. I love the fact we do events and raise money for charity and go on trips together. It’s my family!

What tricks/skills are you working on?

FOIL FOIL FOIL!! I’ve been only foilboarding since April 2017, except a few solid wave sessions on a surfboard.  Strapless foilboarding is an amazing thing, and I’m working on upwind tacks/transitions and dialing in my riding so I can confidently ride bigger and bigger waves.

How and where did you learn?

Belize in early 2007.

Tell us about your favorite session

Martha’s Vineyard downwinder a few years back. they opened up on of the ponds and there were sweet standing waves with the perfect wind angle. It was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

What was your favorite kiting trip?


What was your worst kitemare?

Before I really started kiting, I bought a huge foil kite so I could “train” before I was able to get lessons. Meaning I wanted to jump off dunes. So my first day out I launched in off shore winds on the South side of Nantucket and was quickly dragged out to sea. It took me 45 minutes to swim back. It was Thanksgiving, luckily the water was still warm but I didn’t have a wetsuit. Lost my shoes, wallet, cellphone… came home and the hot water was broken. But so thankful to be alive!!!

How much gear have you trashed or lost?

Basically everything I’ve ever owned I’ve trashed.

What is your favorite place to kite?

PBay is down the street from my house. Nahant is my favorite wave spot. Monomoy is my happy place.

Do you snowkite?

Not really. In theory it’s cool, but I prefer the water.

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