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    I see this forum is pretty much dead, some posts no follow ups. Anyways, visited Cape Cod last week, been riding in one spot but on no wind day went around few places, some questions:

    1. Why no record of ppl riding at Herring Cove beach, is it unwritten off limit area, restricted area even after Oct 15?
    2. are these rules enforced, so really no kiting between March 15 – Oct 15?
    3. Any one rides on Low tide in the area of “The Gut”, where is everyone riding on low tide when wind is WSW – W – WNW?

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    Looking at taking a trip in November (from around Wednesday 11/10 – 11/16 or 17.)

    I usually go to Key Biscayne in Miami. Lucky to get half the days windy. Have gotten skunked for the trip before.

    Anyone have a favorite spot for that time of year?

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    4m, 5m, and 6m HL series Glide Wings in stock

    And now the all Aluula leading edge and strut version (A series) in stock in 5m.

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    This kite is No longer available.

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    my friend and I are getting into Kite Surfing. We are looking for kites in the range of 11 to 14. And boards (the bigger the better).

    I am based in Boston. Let me know if you are looking to offload some of your gear.

    Thank you,

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    Review of the Dutch Harlem Go v5

    Growing confidence on the Harlem Go v5

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    All set with the kite. Now looking for a kiteboard 🙂

    Let me know if you are selling a good condition beginner-friendly kiteboard with straps. Around ~138-140cm.

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    This year, we are going to show the full length feature kiteboarding film called SEND IT! Some of us have seen this already, well don’t spoil it for the rest of us. I know the minute I heard about this movie, I wanted to watch it (and maybe laugh along) with all my kite friends. It can’t be that bad, can it??

    The movie starts at 8pm on Tuesday August 10th. Kiting can happen beforehand if the wind gods permit. Bring a lawn chair, your family or loved ones, maybe a little bug spray. Movie is free! All are welcome.

    Post here if you have any questions, or email

    Come hang out with our amazing kite community! Hope to see you there!!

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    Hello, I wanted to check if anyone is selling a beginner friendly kite and bar, around ~12m. I am relatively new to this sport and hoping to find something that will last for a year or two until I get more comfortable to get a new set.

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    20% lighter than other brands

    Stiffer and stronger Aluula strut

    Aluula reinforcements along the leading edge

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    Hi Steve, Yes it is, sorry for the slow response.


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