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Ocean Rodeo Roam 9.5 2018 $600

kite only used 6x 503-975-1970. 

on 8 Oct 2018

Cabrinha Bars $199, Naish Torch $359, & more!

Adventure Kiteboarding -- keeping kiteboarding affordable!

New 2017 Cabrinha Quickloop bars starting at $199 complete with lines. 

on 7 Oct 2018

Lost Wooden Board, Revere Beach

Lost my wooden twin-tip board with Dakine straps. Left it behind on revere beach Wednesday, Sept. 19.  There's no brand name, I made it myself.

on 28 Sep 2018

XL Dakine C1 Harness w/Dynabar

XL Dakine C1 harness w/Dynabar and hook knife, near perfect condition $175


on 24 Sep 2018

Ozone Chrono Foil Kite 13 meter

Foe sale Ozone Chrono 13 meter foil kite with bar. Kite is in very nice condition with Ozone bar and lines.

on 12 Sep 2018

IKO Certification on SPI, Oct 12-21 2018

Raise Yourself to the Highest State of the Art. 

on 10 Sep 2018

Review Duotone Dice 9m

Review Duotone Dice 9m


on 30 Aug 2018

International Kiteboarding Film Festival

International Kiteboarding Film Festival will take place on August 29th at 8 pm at Pleasure Bay, Boston

on 24 Aug 2018