The Cut at Chatham Light

Less than two hours from Boston is a world class kite spot.  Most kiters can only dream of such riding within reach of their local area.   The miles of slicks, the wilderness, the ease of access to the open ocean are the stuff of destination kite spots such as Hatteras or South Padre Island.  Yet we, the spoiled kiters of New England, have it in our backyard.  Sunday's NOAA forecast was pretty solid: 10-15 knots with gusts to 25 from the southeast.  The current  seriously rips in the inlets, but inside the sandbar is butter smooth slicks for miles.  I spotted hundreds of seals, including a colony which was sunning itself up on the sandbar.  I saw zero sharks.  I passed through the southern channel and rode some nice swells.  I came back in to rig down to a 10, the 12 was ripping me off of the wave.  Then I spotted another inlet to the north, about 2 miles away at the perfect angle, reachable on a single tack.  That inlet broke through only a few years ago and it is so narrow, the current so strong, that my attempt at kiting through it was a complete shit show.  I stayed content riding the swell caused by the hydrodynamic disturbance just inside the inlet.  There are still a couple of small inhabited wooden shacks on this far flung sand bar.  I dreamed of this as a kite destination for me and my friends.  Friends?  What friends?  In spite of every attempt to announce my movements on the usual social media channels, that it was a Sunday, no kiter was available or motivated to be my buddy out there.  Soloing it in these conditions is less than ideal.  Most issues that arise are easily dealt with if your buddy is alerted.  But in November, with hardly anyone boating out there, the most minor breakdown turns into an epic adventure if you are going it alone.  We need to revive  This was a chief reason for creating this site – to bring together like-minded kiters so they could look out for each other.  Now that the site is running smoothly, lets peel off of GroupMe, Facebook, WhatsApp and bring this community back together.  We need one another.



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Jean Dunoyer

The lighthouse, where there is a parade of tourists, who park, look around for a few minutes, then leave. Even though the signs say otherwise, I have never had any trouble leaving my care there for hours during the off season.

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  • Love that spot so much... especially this time of year when you can park and I'm less worried about whitey. Sorry we weren't there for you man. I couldn't get out yesterday but would have loved to have joined you.

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  • Oh yeah and the currents there are no joke with all of pleasant bay emptying out or coming in. I strongly prefer to ride there on an incoming tide and think you have to be extra careful otherwise.

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  • chlemaire

    I'm sorry I wasn't there with you Jean. I would have loved it. I once had an epic session in this amazing spot. The wind forecast was on the light side. It's a long way to go from the North Shore for a half day session. But no risk, no reward right? Lesson learned. Hope to shred with you again soon.

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  • Jeremy Reger

    Was a bummer I couldn't go... I was on teh Cape but with Jethro and no kite gear. Sounds like I was silly not bringing it, but I knew I wouldn't have the time to go.

    Love that spot, including the slick going up to the cut up north. You can only hit that spot with East winds, and unfortunately there are so many spots you can hit in an east. I'm always 100% game to kite there over anywhere else if conditions are right. That current can be a bitch there and something you need to keep in mind.

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