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  • Anyone thinking about Nahant Monday? Low tide around 11:30.

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    I had a similar experience at Revere last year. Someone helped me launch my 14 Cabrinha Velocity. The bar is a 2014 Cabrinha Race bar, this bar has the safety flag out line separate from everything else, and also going through the bar center hole (everything else going inside the plastic PU sleave that goes through the center bar hole).

    This line is somewhat loose and tightens only when you eject the kite since its the only line holding it.

    While the bar was on the floor this line somwhow wrapped around the red plastic chicken loop end you pull to eject the kite without me noticing.

    When the lines got tension and the kite started flying up in the sky this line pulled the eject plastic thing and auto ejected my kite in my hands. I felt something weird like I was unhooked and let the bar go, then the bar went up in the air like 3-5 feet and since the line was wrapped around the chicken loop end the kite was fully powered !!!. So the kite kept climbing upward fully powered and the bar far away from me in the air.

    All this happened in 1 or 2 seconds by the way.

    I was starting to get dragged and eventually lifted in the air when by reflex I pulled the second eject mechanism letting everything kite and lines go to hell in the air, thanks good.

    I got safe on the ground and run to catch my kite !. It landed on the road, luckily on top of some kiters hanging out in the sidewalk who didn't mind having a kite bombing at them.

    So, luckily there was no harm, not even a broken kite or anything. Not sure what would have happened if I didn't instantly pulled that second eject mechanism and let the kite go to hell.

    I'm certainly double checking my bar now more than ever before launching.

    I'll be more careful around Dog Beach too next time, thanks for sharing !

    Cheers guys.

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  • I'm new to the area living in Quincy/Milton area. anyone ever kite off of Wollaston beach in Quincy? It looks pretty decent at the right tide level...thx Jimmy

  • I am now carrying Liquid Force Kites and boards! I will be making an order for Foils and Foil boards this week. If you have been in the market for something affordable and beginner friendly check out the Rocket board and foil set up. They make a small mast as well.

  • I picket up a new foil over the winter-- what the best beaches to learn Foiling in NE ? Should I start on a light-wind day?

  • Flying in on Thursday. Should I bring my 4/3 drylock or dry suit? What’s everyone wearing?

  • Hey what's with all these weird spammer like post too Jeremy?

  • Hi, thinking of booking a family vacation in Cabarete over the Christmas holidays to kite and enjoy the beach. I am worried that the kiting may be too crowded. Should I be too worried?