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  • PBay Saturday?!?!

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    Has anyone tried these snowboard blades? It's an external blade that you bolt on to a snowboard. It let's you kiteboard on frozen lakes where there's not much snow.

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  • Hi All - wife and I are moving out of South Boston and selling some furniture, please reach out if you're interested to either or (713) 299-5300:

    1 Brown Leather Couch w/ 2 Built-in Recliners:…
    1 Brown Dinner Table w/ 6 Matching Chairs:…
    4 Silver Metal Barstools:…

  • Horseneck Saturday should be delish, warm, sunny and windy. I'll be there around noon.

  • If anyone is looking to buy 2018 Cabrinha gear this season feel free to text me...I may be able to help save you some money. I am local to PB. Brian 908-723-1879.

  • Packed and ready for dawn patrol at PB, anyone else coming?

  • Is PB iced over?

  • anyone snow kiting tomorrow?

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  • Any snow kiters near western MA?